Costa Rica’s culture is truly unique. The richness of its culture comes from its diversity of its people. Although heavily influenced by Spanish Culture traits, Costa Rica also houses a blend of Jamaican and Caribbean influence. The majority of Costa Ricans are primarily of Spanish ancestry with minorities of German, Italian, French, Dutch, British, Swedish and Greek ancestry, creating a truly colorful culture.

Costa Rica customs encourages peace instead of violence. In 1948, the country abolished its military. The money saved from not having a military is invested in improving the quality of life of its people. The social peace makes Costa Rica a welcoming place to visit.

The citizens of Costa Rica are known as “Ticos” or “Ticas.” Their hospitality and kindness are the reflection of the country they live. The citizens live by its motto, “Pura Vida,” meaning “Pure life.” It can also be translated to, “Full of life,” and is used as a greeting, a farewell or an expression of gratitude.